All on 8 Dental Implants Treatment

Every dental patient wants to receive the best dental treatment when it comes to replacing the missing teeth in their mouth. This matters a lot for the patients who want to get their entire teeth arch of both the jaws replaced well on time. The all-on-8 dental implants type consists of the placement of the eight dental implants in each of the dental arches. This ensures that the prosthesis to be placed on the arches has firm base in the form of the dental implants.

The All-on-8 dental implants are recommended for the patients who have lost more than 80% of their natural teeth. This ensures that there is sufficient space for the dental implants and they do not interrupt with the normal functioning of few remaining teeth in the patient’s mouth. With age, most of the individuals start losing teeth, and remaining teeth get loosened. This leads to the necessity for a healthy alternative to the loose natural teeth which can get lost at any time in near future. The all-on-8 dental implants ensure that the patients need not worry regarding any support or functioning of the ultimately placed teeth arch on the dental implants. One of the essential features required for the successful completion of the all-on-8 dental implants is that a certain amount of jaw bone is necessary for the successful placement of the dental implants.

The first few months after the placement of the dental implants ensure that the gums and surrounding oral structures adapt with the newly introduced dental implants in the patient’s mouth. This creates a strong base for the permanent restoration of the teeth arch over the placed dental implants. In case of presence of appreciating bone in the jaws, this type of dental implants is successfully carried out by the dentists. With the help of this procedure, patients no more have to worry regarding the slipping or dropping off of the dentures from the patient’s mouth. There is hardly any pain in the patient’s jaws as the local anesthesia is adequately utilized in this procedure. Also, your dentist will make sure that you do not have diabetes nor possess any habit of tobacco chewing or smoking. These habits decrease the chances of success of these dental implants. So, make sure you discuss with your dentist regarding your health status before choosing and commencing with the all-on-8 dental implants procedure.